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  • • Get your clients qualified for $50,000-$150,000
    so you can earn up to $10,000 per client.
  • • The secrets to QUALIFY for 0% personal/business lines of credit
  • • Take advantage of our proven ‘hassle-free’ plug and play system

We qualified Our clients 
for $100,000 within a week

"The first two clients I tried this system on were a breeze. I got $100,000 for one client and $122,000 for another client. Both clients paid me very well and the processing time took less than 10 minutes, for both client combined. Fundinetics really works!"

Introducing… LOAN GENIE

First ever, multi-lender submission platform allowing you 
to leverage and maximize your funding potential. 

Partnering With Loan Genie Is Simple.
Remove the technical barrier by using Loan Genie to assist your clients, product, and services.

After years of accumulated hard work, we’ve managed to compile everything into an extremely easy to use lending platform to help you successfully build your own 6-figure lending business. 

Loan Genie does the heavy lifting for you as it…

* Complete all client applications in 5 minutes or less
* Save $1000's of dollars not hiring a professional lending consultant or processor 
* Submit applications through our Google Chrome Extension 
* Integrations with major banks, lenders, credit unions, and more
* Leverage and obtain multiple offers simultaneously 
*Customizes your workflow to maximize results in minimum time 

Now, if you’ve been looking for a way to consistently get loans approved and be able to give your clients what they want most, you will find that Fundinetics makes does it all, for you.

Let's take a look underneath the hood: 

YOUR Dashboard

  •  Your dashboard easily manages your team and submissions

Enter Your Client's Application 1 Time 

  • Only fill out your client's application 1 time, then choose your lenders 


  • Choose 1 or all the lenders you want to submit to
  • ​
Choose from personal or business lenders
  • ​Choose from all types of lenders - major banks, credit unions, online lenders, and more! 

APPLIES Client to Multiple 

Save hours filling in individual bank applications 
  • ​
Choose to apply at the same exact time or sequentially 


  • Track and measure your approvals 
  • ​Captures images for each submission in your dashboard

SO HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE WITH Loan Genie: ‘Expands Your Business while Cutting HOURS off Your Workload with Every Client.

Allows You to Scale Client Intake with Less Effort, Time, and Paperwork

Even if you can ONLY close 10 clients a month, you'll see a significant change in your income!

  • When you help somebody qualify for a $100,000+ loan, with a low 0% rate, they’ll turn around with a big grin and thank you for changing their life!
  • ​You'll finally realize the most important perk that comes with this business is that you are making a REAL IMPACT on other people’s lives!
  • By making an extra $100,000 to $300,000+ a year, while helping people get rid of their financial worries, what would you do? 
  •  Would you sleep better at night knowing you made a difference? 
In Fact, This Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg of 
What You’ll Get When You SIGN UP FOR Loan Genie Today...
  • You'll discover how you can earn Up to $10,000 per client by following these simple guidelines that took us years to accumulate. 
  • ​You'll save 1000's of research hours by knowing exactly how the banks think and how you can get qualified consistently. We’ve already done all the HARD WORK for you!
  • ​You'll know the bank guidelines like the back of your own hands; the 3 major financial pillars that will make or break your efforts, the different types of lending programs that actually matter, and how to optimize personal credits effectively.
  • ​ Imagine being able to process HUNDREDS of clients in less time than you currently spend processing only 5 clients.   
  • Enjoy more clients that happily pay you $2000 to $10,000 or more
  • ​Focus more time on client attraction because you now have the backend system which automates results with only 5 minutes effort

Here's How And Why We Can 
Make You This Promise...

From: Anthony Vanaki
RE: Earn Up to $10,000 Per Client

Dear Smart Small Business Owners,

If you want to earn more money, secure the best rates, differentiate yourself from the MCA world, or even if you just want to learn the SECRETS of how you can qualify for any loans that you or your clients need, then this is the MOST IMPORTANT letter you'll read all year!

Here's Why...

Your business is all about processing with scale. I have created a way that does the backend of this business FOR YOU. Which saves you hours upon hours with client processing, cuts the costs of hiring processors, and gives you the ability to double (or triple) your income in less hours than you currently spend running your business.

Deep inside me, I knew systematization and automation was the key to helping more clients receive loan approvals. So I invested a hefty multiple 6-figures on tech geniuses to build the system that does everything for you.

The good news for you is… after spending years collecting CRUCIAL data on every bank out there…

I’m now willing to share with YOU this automation system and these same exact SECRETS that have enabled me to secure countless huge loans without breaking a sweat

Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Debt Service Ratios

" The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your Marketing Services Without Breaking The Bank "
Available for a Limited Time Only


If "Loan Genie" doesn't show me exactly how to ‘Get More Money’ at the best rates... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to differentiate as a faster and more reliable provider of business capital... or if it fails to help me learn the secrets to qualify my clients for any loan, then I understand that I will receive a full refund… with absolutely ZERO Questions Asked!!

There you have it… all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so... DON’T WAIT…

Here's How To REGISTER Right Now

Go ahead and click the link below while the price is still low and you'll be able to enjoy a done-for-you processing automation system immediately.

Remember, you can use the methods we teach to secure loans for yourself…

 but more importantly, you’ll be able to use it to secure HIGH PAYING clients and grow your income like never before.

Time waits for no one… Let's get started right now!

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